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Enjoy each new day knowing that your loved ones' futures are secure. Focus on making the most of what you have now!

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"I don't call it "Life Insurance, I call it "Love Insurance." We buy it because we want to leave a legacy for those we love.”

How would your family cope if you were to fall seriously ill or, even worse, pass away? Most Americans insure major items such as their home, car or health, but what about the most precious asset: your own life?

When you commence your insurance policy, you, your spouse, partner, or de facto
named within the policy are immediately covered for death and terminal illness. Not only that, but:

  • We have optional coverage including Children’s Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance, and Accelerated Benefits with most plans.

Our Services


Fixed Index Annuity. Zero Fees. Market Volatility Protection/Zero Floor . Wealth Accumulation

Mortgage Protection

Accelerated Benefits Included For Peace of Mind. Policies to meet every need & budget.

Indexed Universal Life

Whole Life Insurance Protection with Cash Accumulation. Tax Free Income.

Final Expense

Funeral Insurance Coverage plus additional family benefits.


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Owens Insurance & Annuity Services will resolve your claim as quickly and thoroughly as possible.


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At Owens Insurance & Annuity Services, we want to show you how to achieve a Tax-Free income stream you can depend on later in life.


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Owens Insurance & Annuity Services, will put your best interest first and configure policies that will relieve financial worries and protect your family.


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We helped over 2,000 families analyze unique life insurance and retirement opportunities

Meet Chris Owens

Owner | Licensed Agent


Your Life Insurance & Annuity Expert

A Little About Chris Owens

Owens Insurance & Annuity Services

Over the past few years , I've helped hundreds of families get the life insurance and annuities they need to protect their loved ones and their retirement.

To schedule a call with me to discuss your insurance needs please click on the link below:




Indexed Universal Life

I found working with Chris to be a pleasure! He was very knowledgeable of the different insurance products and provided great information to help me make my decision. I obtained a policy that meets my needs and budget. I highly recommend his services.


Rich S.

Fixed Index Annuity

Chris was extremely professional and educated me throughout the process. He provided a few options, and I was able to obtain a policy that not only gives me permanent insurance, but will also aid my retirement with a tax free income stream. He never pressured me, and I could tell that he had my best interest in mind.


John T.

Fixed Index Annuity

With the market being so volatile, I was looking for a safer investment that still had very good growth accumulation potential. Chris walked me through the different annuity options and he had a multitude to choose from. He was courteous of my time and answered all my questions. I am very satisfied with my current situation and I sleep much better at night not having to worry about market volatility. Thank you, Chris!

Office: Douglassville, PA

Call (484) 885-5162


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